Zaev: We run separately in the first round, then SDSM to get coalition support from DUI, BESA and DPA


We run separately in the first round, then we will support each other fairly, said Prime Minister and SDSM leader ZoranZaev about the coalition performance in the upcoming local elections, scheduled for autumn. Zaev says that they will run in the elections in a coalition with DUI, BESA and DPA.

“We are coalition partners with BESA, with DUI, with DPA, we have a coalition and we will run together in the local elections. Of course we can’t reveal all the details, we still don’t know all the names, but we have determined the principles of the coalition. We run separately in the first round, and then we support each other in the second round,” Zaev said.

According to opinion polls, Zaev said that SDSM is a favorite to win the elections in all cities. Voters are the only ones who decide who will be elected mayor, which is why we’ve been selecting the best possible candidates, Zaev added.

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