The EU to monitor crime and high corruption cases in the next 3 years


The OSCE and the EU marked Wednesday the beginning of a joint project to monitor trials in the field of organized crime and corruption, aimed at improving the administration of justice and reducing corruption and organized crime, which is necessary to meet the criteria for EU accession.

The monitoring of judicial processes will begin in July 2021 and last until December 2023.

At the launch of the project, the OSCE Ambassador to the country Clemens Koja stated that he foresees that the OSCE Mission within this project will monitor approximately 50 high and medium high cases of organized crime and corruption.

“The methodology is developed in accordance with the good practices of the OSCE for monitoring the trial. It is specifically designed to meet the project’s objectives, enabling a comparative regional framework, including the development of specific tools necessary to monitor the trial,” Koja said.

During his address, EU Ambassador David Geer said that an efficient, fair and trusting judicial system was an essential part of the rule of law in any country.


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