UPOZ and KSS condemn Zaev: A corrupt administration comes from a corrupt government


After yesterday’s statement by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that there is no corruption in the senior echelons of government, i.e. that it was detected by administrative officials, the Trade Union of Administration Workers, Judicial Bodies and Citizens’ Associations (UPOZ) released their reaction to the media.

The UPOZ union in a statement to the public says that the statement of the Prime Minister is a lump sum and it is continuously an attack on the state administration as the only culprit for the bad perception of the citizens that it is non-working and corrupt. At the same time, it is forgotten that it affects the overall image of the Government and the country, says UPOZ.

“Corruption can’t be located in just one segment of the administration, as Prime Minister Zaev believes, without naming its correlation with the top of the Government. We in UPOZ think that corruption is a serious issue for all employees and ask the Government to join us in fighting it,” the UPOZ union said.

After the UPOZ union, another union KSS issued a similar statement, stating that Zaev “is manipulating with the public” and putting the public administration under strong pressure of public condemnation.



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