Vučić at Skopje Economic Forum on Regional Cooperation: No effective borders between Macedonia, Albania and Serbia as of January 2023


When we had an idea for something like this we all had different problems, for example Serbia and Albania have never been close in the past. But we have decided to look to the future and think and leave something to our children, said Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić at the Economic Forum in Skopje.

We are all on the European path, he said, “but we are neither stupid nor naive to believe that someone else will work for our countries if we do not do it ourselves.

“That is why it is especially important for the people in our countries — Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia — to show we are able to decide for ourselves, able to improve the lives of our citizens, to continue our European journey, to cooperate with everyone, but not to wait for anyone else to guide us. We are ready to take our destiny into our own hands and work in the interest of our citizens.”

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