We promised a medal and be brought one to make Macedonia happy again, says Olympic medalistGeorgievski


Greetings to all Macedonians and to my coaches. Thank you for the great support. Thank God, said the Macedonian taekwondo Olympian DejanGeorgievski with the Olympic silver hanging from his neck during the great reception on the Skopje Square that was organized for the arrival of the sports hero.

He thanked his coaches Darko and BorceKostovski, as well as his brother and sister, his club friends.

“We promised a medal and we brought a medal. Let’s make Macedonia happy again, long live Macedonia”, added the Macedonian athleteGeorgievski.

The Macedonian taekwondo fighter on Tuesday brought the silver Olympic medal to Macedonia in the +80 kg category taekwondo on the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

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