T.Vučić: Aside from xenophobia, I didn’t hear any serious arguments against the ‘Open Balkan’ initiative


Serbia’s President AleksandarVučić said on Friday that the regional initiate, known as of yesterday as the ‘Open Balkan’ initiative, is crucial for the future of citizens and is in the best interest of the region, so therefore its implementation will resume despite criticism.

“There were a lot of positive and negative reactions, but aside from pointless isolation and xenophobic politics, I didn’t hear any serious arguments against it,” Vučić said.

He added that some European centers have voiced criticism despite the fact that the regional initiative is based on the principles of free movement of goods, capital, services and people.

The Serbian President underlined that he understands some of the anger, stemming from some stakeholders inability to have a say the region’s future, while “we have taken matters into our own hands and decide our own future.”

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