While Macedonia is on fire, the Government is on vacation: Government confirms Zaev is on vacation until August 12, as some of the ministers


While fires are raging all over Macedonia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and some of the ministers have gone to their summer vacations.

After photos of government officials relaxing on the beach, laughing with friends and family began to spread on social media, the Government released a statement that some members of the Government took days off in the period between August 3 and 12.

“The government performs all its functions on a daily basis, and in accordance with the situation concerning the wildfires, the ministers meet daily and hold sessions through an online video conference connection and make all necessary decisions in a timely and uninterrupted manner. According to mutual coordination, some of the ministers will not use vacation days in this period, in order to ensure field and office coordination of activities whenever and wherever necessary,” reads the Government press release.

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