Advisor to Zaev: Citizens who think differently than the Government are ignorant


The advisor to the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev Leon Bakracheski feels very big and very intelligent, so he insults the people who think otherwise from the current government, emphasizing that the people are too stupid and have no right to spread a virus and kill people.

“There is a limit to decency. Mine is over now. I’m talking to you. You, with 3 videos viewed on YouTube, with 70% transcripts written in high school and 3 lessons learned in college. You, an expert on measures that do not know what an algorithm means and have never taken responsibility for yourself or those around you. You who urinate from tiles on people who have dedicated their lives to science and expertise. You who are terrified of directness when it does not suit them. YOU who demand rights and do not care about the RIGHT TO LIFE of the people around you and do not have a ounce of empathy. YOU! You have no right to spread a virus and kill people with your stupidity! To take statements out of context, to ask ignorant questions and conspiracy theories. Your uninformed opinion and cheeky ignorance is NOT ABOVE HUMAN LIFE!”, Bakracheski points out on Facebook.

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