Mickoski in Prilep: Glory to the Karpalak heroes who died in a cowardly ambush


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, accompanied by a delegation, laid fresh flowers Sunday at the monument to the fallen heroes near Karpalak, at the roundabout in the center of Prilep.

“First of all, glory to the fallen heroes of Karpalak who tragically lost their lives in an ambush defending Macedonia, defending the freedom of Macedonia and the constitutional order. Glory to these ten people from Prilep who lost their lives too early in such a heroic manner.

What we saw today here in Prilep by the representatives of the local self-government and the government, is an extremely hypocritical act towards the sacrifice of these people, because if they really remembered the past and the sacrifice that many Macedonians made for Macedonia in the past, then at least today they would apologize for everything they have done and are doing these 4 years, not only in Macedonia, but also here in Prilep,” said Mickoski.

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