Dr. Bekarovski: The cold is not from your air-conditioning, get tested before getting vaccinated!


Toxicology Clinic Doctor Niko Bekjarovski via Facebook urged citizens that are about to get vaccinated to get tested first, because the coronavirus is widespread.

“On July 2, I asked everyone that enters Macedonia to get a negative test or to be vaccinated upon entering Macedonia. You did not listen to me. On July 31, I warned you that from August 10, we will have a dizzying increase in the number of infected and today it is already 518. You did not believe and insulted. Finally, on August 10, due to the measures taken by the Commission, you went to the vaccination points, and I ask you to get tested first, the virus is already too widespread. The cold you have is neither from air-conditioning, nor from the sweaty T-shirt because of the hot weather. I know you will not listen to me!”, wrote Dr. Bekjarovski.


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