Grubi doesn’t understand the mass hysteria on social media over the Ohrid Agreement celebration!


First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi after the reactions due to the announced celebration for the Ohrid Framework Agreement which will be attended by 300 guests indoors two days before the start of the new measures, says that the whole event will be organized in line with protocols.

‘The central event in Alexander Palace on August 13 will be in a hall that gathers 1,500 people and will be attended by no more than 200 people who will wear masks, will be more than 1.5 meters apart, their temperature will be measured at the entrance, so no I understand this mass hysteria on social networks, I hope it is not adopted on the Ohrid Framework Agreement and its implementation, but it is really a concern. According to the program for marking the Ohrid Framework Agreement, a huge concert was planned on Macedonia Square on the evening of August 13, but we as a ministry decided to postpone it, not to hold it,” said Grubi.


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