People can only get their picture taken – More than 30,000 citizens unable to get their IDs


Citizens who need a new or replacement of the ID card, are free to call the Ministry of Interior, where they will receive an appointment for photography, but when they receive the new ID card, it is not known, and no one can predict, writes

The one upside in all this is that after they are photographed, they receive a certificate from the Ministry of Interior with which they can do all the work in the institutions, for example: payment or any other transactions in a bank, notary, lawyer, but also wherever they need this document.

The Ministry of Interior stresses that they are not to blame for this delay at all, because, despite the fact that all the conditions are met and there are no obstacles, they are not allowed to issue new ID cards until the Law on ID Cards is passed in the Parliament. which is now blocked by amendments from the opposition.

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