KSS shares co concerns for safety of workers’ jobs following the new anti-COVID-19 measures


The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS) is concerned about the situation with the health status of workers in Macedonia, and especially about the new measures adopted by the Government that discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated. As a union, we are concerned about job security.

“Domestic laws and the Constitution do not force workers to mandatory vaccination and any kind of discrimination based on whether someone is vaccinated or not is illegal, and the same is indicated by international acts. We, as a union, are afraid that the measures proposed by the Commission for Infectious Diseases, and adopted by the Government, put pressure on the vaccination of workers. Workers are already feeling the pressure from employers to vaccinate. The right to vaccination is a right of personal choice, and employees who are pressured to be vaccinated are afraid of their job, so they must be vaccinated. We mention that the right to work is a constitutionally guaranteed right and every job is available to everyone under equal conditions, and the safety of jobs must not depend on whether the employee is vaccinated or not,” says KSS.

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