Administrative Court annuls decision of the Ministry of Culture to elect a director of the Cultural Center in Strumica


The Administrative Court annulled the decision of the Ministry of Culture to elect the director of the NUCC “Anton Panov”. The court upheld the lawsuit of the two rejected candidates, Jasmina Pijanmanova and Olivera Arizanova Mansbart, and according to the explanation of the verdict, the lawsuit was founded, and the defendant, the Ministry of Culture, made an incorrect and illegal decision.

The decision of the Administrative Court was made on the 8th of last month, and was announced by the Initiative “Culture or Physical Culture”, which includes actors from the Strumica theater, who in the past eight months organized several protests in Strumica and Skopje and warned of the illegality of the election procedure.

According to Jasmina Mazgalieva, one of the candidates who applied for the position of director of the Ministry of Culture, the verdict found a violation of the procedure and it gives hope that a part of the country is functioning and that confidence in the justice system is restored.

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