Drought destroys crops in vineyards , says Advanced Vine Growers association


The drought has destroyed the crop in the vineyards, react from the regional Association “Advanced Vine Growers”. They ask the authorities in the local self-government and the Ministry of Agriculture to find a way to provide the necessary quantities of water to save the crop by the beginning of the harvest of the Vranec vine.

The two-month drought as a natural disaster followed by extremely high temperatures and the absence of any atmospheric water sediment on the one hand and the destructive mismanagement (management) of the existing irrigation facilities by the public water company on the other hand, led to catastrophic consequences. vineyards, especially those where the irrigation systems have remained dry and those vineyards that are not yet covered by the hydro-ameliorative irrigation system. The yield of these vineyards is 100 percent destroyed. The yield of those vineyards that received water only once has been reduced to 60 percent, and there are many of them, say the Association.

The damage to the grape yields for the 2021 harvest was discussed by the growers at the last meeting of the association.

For this year, they demand to provide additional financial resources to cover the damages caused by the drought and to subsidize the drip irrigation systems. At the same time, they propose to stimulate the vine growers for setting up such systems by drastically reducing the price for irrigation per hectare of vineyard, through the drip system.

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