Learning model can be changed if needed, says Carovska


Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska said on Friday that there is no need to spread panic and false information as the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health are monitoring the epidemiological situation daily and if necessary, the learning model will be changed, adding that as of Sept. 1 schools will reopen to all students, as it is the most favored of the three scenarios for the start of next school year.

When asked whether the decision would be revised due to the continued rise in coronavirus infections, Carovska said that the recommendations of the health authorities and the decision of the Government and the Main Crisis Coordination HQ were being followed, and if the Commission for Infectious Diseases issues recommendations, then the learning model will change.

She said that the second scenario is the hybrid model that was applied last school year – part of the students to attend classes with physical presence, while the rest online, while the third scenario is the application of a rotation system – by changing groups of students per week with physical presence and online.

“As recommended by UNICEF and the OECD and all other countries, physical presence is most favored and appropriate and we are preparing for this model of teaching, in line with the recommendations of the Main Crisis Coordination HQ and the decision of the Government,” said Carovska.

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