Australia recommends not traveling to Macedonia due to COVID-19, fires, polluted air and possible terrorist attacks


Macedonia is labeled as a country of high risk for coronavirus infection and it is recommended not to travel there. This recommendation is for travelers from Australia, and is recommended by the Australian site “Smart Travel”.

If anyone decides to travel, there are recommendations on what to do and how to treat Australian citizens.

A vaccination certificate is required for visiting all public places, or certificate of eligibility, the site says.

“It is possible that civil protests will break out, which could escalate into violence. Avoid them. There may be a terrorist attack, even in places where there are foreign nationals. Petty theft is possible at the airport or in major cities. Take care of your pockets and bags. There are many fires all over the country in the summer. In winter, however, the problem is snow and ice. Pollution is a big problem in the country, so if you have an airway problem, consult your doctor before traveling,” reads the Australian site.

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