New ID cards with “North” to be issued as of Monday


From Monday, the citizens will be able to pick up the new ID cards with the new name “North Macedonia”, and the printing is enabled after the Government yesterday with a bylaw allowed the printing and issuance of personal documents to continue.

New ID cards with the new name of the state and in accordance with the law on the use of languages ​​will be given to over 40 thousand citizens who are waiting for two months because the Law on ID cards was stuck in the Parliament which the opposition blocked with over 1,500 amendments.

The Ministry of Interior says that it had towaited for several months until an adequate solution was found.

“This is a bylaw that the Minister has the right to adopt in accordance with the existing Law on ID Cards, so a legal solution was required to find the most adequate solution. We have no other change here than issuing ID cards with the new constitutional name and in accordance with the Law on the Use of Languages. There are no other changes in the solution,” said the Ministry of Interior.


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