Nikoloski: I don’t expect postponement of the elections, only Zaev and SDSM are forcing this topic, they are aware that they will be defeated


I don’t expect a postponement of the elections, the only one forcing this topic is Zoran Zaev and SDSM because they are aware that they will be defeated, and the elections should not be postponed, including because of the epidemiological picture in Macedonia, because it turned out that in a period of a year and a half the government has failed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.

“Macedonia is the last in Europe to procure vaccines, in Macedonia there was no vaccine for a long time people had to go to Serbia to wait in line to be vaccinated, in Macedonia the measures to support the economy are the weakest of all countries in the region, not to mention European level. Also, in Macedonia it is least separated from the GDP to support the economy and in Macedonia we have some chaotic measures that we see that are essentially conceived by Zaev and Filipche, and not by experts”, said Nikoloski.

According to the party vice president, “because the experts came out and said that they had proposed these measures earlier, and some did not propose them at all and do not agree with them, it is a reason plus for elections.”

“All this shows that there is a total chaos, that the government does not know how to manage this process with the coronavirus, so elections are needed to change this government and come to a competent government that will start solving problems,” said Nikoloski.


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