Is Sveto Pivara behind the buildings near “Boris Trajkovski” and how is Shilegov tied to him?


Is Sveto Pivara behind the buildings near the “Boris Trajkovski” sports hall and how is Shilegov tied to him, asks VMRO-DPMNE.

“Did Stefan Bogoev bring his last detailed urban plan as mayor to please Shilegov and Sveto Pivara, to the detriment of Karposh and Skopje? Stefan Bogoev with changes in the detailed urban plan destroys the sports center Boris Trajkovski by taking away his tennis courts, karting and deck from the pool so that a wide street can spring up there that will lead to a plot where a concrete monster of the transitional wealthy man Sveto Pivara should sprout? What is Shilegov’s interest and why is Bogoev forced to sign this detailed urban plan in his last days as mayor? What is Shilegov’s connection to Sveto Pivara? Karposh and Skopje will be deprived of sports fields that serve for recreation of thousands of people so that a narrow clique of people can profit,” says VMRO-DPMNE.


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