Strumica hospitality business owners protest: We are not spreading COVID-19!


Strumica-based hospitality business owners due to dissatisfaction with the new measures against COVID-19, will stage a protest on Tuesday to express their revolt.

“Starting Tuesday from 11 am to 1 pm, every day as a sign of dissatisfaction we will block the streets of Strumica as well as the entrances of the city. We are looking again for the previous measures for free entry of the unvaccinated and vaccinated, because the current measures create only a division of the citizens. We are not the ones who spread the crown and that is why we ask the Government to accept our request – says the Hospitality Association from Strumica and announce that if their request is not met, they will go with stricter measures. Therefore, they point out that in these years they are suffering the greatest consequences of the crisis and that it is time for the Government to adopt new measures that will be in their favor.

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