Arsovski: REK Bitola rents machines that it already bought


REK Bitola remains the biggest criminal den of this Government, where Vasko Kovachevski works directly under the directive of the ruling family and in the end the money from REK Bitola is pumped and ends up with the Zaev family, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski told a press conference on Friday.

“Although there were reports of racketeering by businessmen who were asked for money, were fired for not working, etc., SDSM did not stop and obviously does not plan to stop the criminal work in REK Bitola. Let us first clarify a few things. Although SDSM was the most vocal for REK Bitola before coming to power, in the past 4 years they damaged the state through REK Bitola over 120 million euros. Why? because that is how much the tenders taken by private companies to operate in REK Bitola cost. Let us recall that he had published an announcement for the purchase of machinery that would be paid by the plant in 2016 and in 2017 to be terminated. REK Bitola, the state and the citizens would have saved money worth 20 million euros, instead, SDSM canceled the tender I mentioned and continued to hire auxiliary machinery from private companies. Why? Because their close people with whom they share money should have continued to work, and you know the details further through the case with the racket in REK Bitola. The most interesting thing is that they finally tried to procure a ridiculous number of mechanization this year with the public procurement 10057/2020 for procurement of new auxiliary mechanization where out of 20 possible contracts were concluded 16. The other 4 were annulled,” said Arsovski.

Although the requested tank and trucks were supposed to be in REK Bitola by August 15, 2021 at the latest, according to the contracts for procurement of new equipment. Instead, lending and leasing agreements are entered into. Here in REK Bitola, in this Government it smells serious, not to say it stinks popularly speaking of serious crime in millions. Someone will take responsibility for all this after the fall of this government. Vasko Kovacevski, who started dancing with the Zaev criminals, and by putting himself in that company, everything he does for them should be aware that this is the money of the citizens, and these millions that now are pumped, he will be held accountable one day. REK Bitola is nothing more in the eyes of SDSM, than a mine for money pumped by the ruling family,” said Arsovski.



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