Filipche: Third shot most likely to be needed


At a meeting with Pfizer representatives, Health Minister Venko Filipche talked about projections for the next year regarding Covid-19, ongoing clinical trials, and the necessity of a third vaccine dose, he told reporters Saturday.

“All research so far indicates a third dose will be necessary,” Minister Filipche said and added that health authorities were waiting for official recommendations before offering it to the population.

Asked about the country’s vaccine supply, the health minister said around 300,000 doses were available from various manufactures.

“We currently have at our disposal 115,000 AstraZeneca vaccines, 110,000 Pfizer vaccines, and 100,000 Sinovac vaccines, in addition to the weekly shipments of 30-40,000 Pfizer vaccines arriving in the country every Monday or Tuesday,” Filipche said.

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