Zaev: Every independent candidate from SDSM will be expelled from the party


Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev confirmed that except for Maksim Dimitrievski and anyone who collected signatures for an independent candidate for mayor of Kumanovo, and is from the ranks of SDSM, will be expelled from the party and other members who have collected signatures for independent candidacies.

“Certainly, it is not whether Zaev decided like that or the central board or the top leadership, the statute of SDSM is like that, ie the decisions are made by the individuals themselves whether it is Maksim or Mr. Zoran Nogacevski from SDSM, he was a member of SDSM leadership structures and beyond. They make the decision knowing what the statute of the party is. We have nothing else to add. It is the obligation only of the first Central Board to state the decisions they have made and that is definitely how the democratic procedure is described in our country and they know it,” said Zaev.

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