Government plans to increase debt to 9 billion euros


 The government plans to increase public debt by 9 billion euros. According to the Public Debt Management Strategy of the Ministry of Finance, Zaev, Ahmeti and Besimi plan to increase the net debt by a net amount (net debt without repayments) of half a billion euros per year. In order to achieve what they have devised, they will use new borrowing instruments, such as “green bonds”, which are mentioned in the Strategy, says the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“What is most tragic/irritating about the whole thing is that this is even the ‘best scenario’. This is the unrealistic “most favorable option”, which will actually be much worse – given the disastrous nature of this government and its economic incompetence. Namely, the government plans this borrowing on the basis of projected rates of continuous multi-year growth of 5% growth and more than GDP – rates that it does not really have the capacity to achieve”, said the party.

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