Ministry of Interior on car accident accident: Mileski was in the car with two Serbian nationals


The Ministry of Interior came out with details about Saturday’s car accident in which one person died, and around it the most public storm arose because Zoran Mileski-Kicheec, accused in the “Racket” affair, was involved in it.

“On 04.09.2021 around 3.30 pm it was reported that on the highway Gostivar-Kichevo, near the Novosel cemetery in the village of Novo Selo, a traffic accident occurred between a passenger motor vehicle Mercedes with Kicevo license plates, driven by Z. M. (41) from Ohrid, a passenger motor vehicle BMW with Tetovo license plates, driven by EN (23) from the village of Radiovce-Tetovo, and a freight motor vehicle ” with Gostivar license plates, driven from B.Lj. (32) from the village of Banjica-Gostivar. The passenger of the truck S.E. (34) from Gostivar died at the scene of the accident. Two passengers of the vehicle Mercedes P.G. (51) and MM (42), both from the Republic of Serbia, the passenger of the freight motor vehicle M.K. (31) from Gostivar and the driver were seriously injured. B.Gj., and the drivers Z.M. sustained bodily injuries and E.N. as well as the passenger of the vehicle BMW R.R. (23) from the village of Palchishte-Tetovo were found in the Emergency Center in Gostivar.

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