The ruling mafia is conducting an operation called “evacuation of capital” using convicted criminals


Zoran Zaev is being abandoned by his coalition partners, and part of his membership is being disobeyed. To save Zaev as much as he can, Zaev and the mafia hire members of the underground to do their job in the upcoming elections to mitigate the defeat. That is why prisoners and convicted criminals have been released. These people should intimidate, blackmail and bribe citizens. But that is not all. Obviously, it is not enough for Zaev that he turned SDSM into a private company, but he also needs a private guard of released prisoners who will do dirty work before and during the elections, accuses VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov.

“According to our information coming from the field three weeks ago in a hotel in the southeast of Macedonia, three high-ranking government officials, one of whom is directly responsible for the police, the other from that area with a famous brother and the third known criminal agreed to release prisoners from prison . This time the task was to select some of the released criminals to carry out a special operation – “evacuation of capital”.Namely, above all, the more certain defeat in the upcoming elections, the mafia is trying to protect its businesses, and the criminals have received instructions to help them in the evacuation of capital. According to the information, black bags of money are leaving the country with the ultimate goal of offshore countries, and even overseas destinations are mentioned,” said the VMRO-DPMNE representative.

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