VMRO-DPMNE: Due to the diplomatic scandal, the Dimitrov-Osmani duo should resign


Due to the huge diplomatic scandal, the Dimitrov – Osmani duo needs to resign. The extraction of the Armenian tycoon from Armenia was done with the use of many resources and it was not done only by the three diplomats. Zaev should say how the diplomat Milenkovski rented a plane and got a tycoon from Armenia who is the brother of a former president and a man named Vice Zaev? So far, it has never been recorded that diplomats can rent a private plane, says VMRO-DPMNE.

“It is obvious that Milenkovski and the other two diplomats are just executors, and someone else commissioned. Is Zaev hiding that client and is he part of the government? It is suspicious that Milenkovski is a person close to Viktor Dimovski, head of the ANB. Zaev must say are the state resources used to protect world criminals? An additional indication that Zaev is hiding something is the fact that Spasovski’s pawns in the Ministry of Interior hid from Nakje Chulev any document about the case. Is the Milenkovski case systematically covered up? Zaev must start giving answers. These are serious scandals for the state for which there must be responsibility,” the party says.

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