Doctors condemnviolations of COVID-19 protocols in Tetovo hospital


Munir Biljali, who separents were patients in the COVID modular hospital based in Tetovo, testified that a doctor told them that a member of the family should come to take care of his father, although it was strictly forbidden to visit those patients.

Fadil Cana, a specialist on infectious diseases at the Clinic for Infectious and Febrile Diseases in connection with yesterday’s tragedy in Tetovo, said that as a doctor he believes that someone should take responsibility for this tragedy.

“I think that if anyone, not only the health minister, was in that position and in every country, should take moral responsibility and make way for the investigation bodies. The obligation to resign is moral, and before that, everything that is within his competence should be dismissed, all those responsible for the management of the Tetovo hospital. It is shocking to learn that there were relatives of patients in that COVID center. They came in and out whenever they wanted, and that COVID center was not just for treatment, it was a hotbed for the virus to spread,” Cana said.

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