Health Minister only offers his resignation, his deputy and the directors resign after the fire in Tetovo hospital


After the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo in which 14 people died and 12 were injured, the Health Minister Venko Filipche offered his resignation due to “moral reasons”, while his deputy and the two directors of the Tetovo hospital resigned.

In the meantime, the investigation of the investigative bodies is underway, and it will include German experts from the Federal Criminal Police who are to arrive in the country these days.

Addressing the public, Filipche said there were no words to describe or compensate for the loss of the families of the deceased.

“The last tragedy in Tetovo affected me a lot, I am very sorry for the victims, I sympathize with their families, there are no words that can describe it, nor a way to compensate for the loss. As a doctor and a minister, I have integrity. That is why, due to moral reasons, I offered my written resignation to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev,” Filipche said.

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