Kumanovo Mayor warns that the country could become a marijuana cartel


The country could be turned into a marijuana cartel. I do not want my children to be able to buy marijuana on the open market and spread marijuana for free. The purpose and idea of ​​the marijuana is to be used exclusively for medical purposes and to be exported, said Maksim Dimitrievski, incumbent Mayor of Kumanovo.

Dimitrievski, who was excluded from the ruling SDSM due to his candidacy for the second term, points out that only in Kumanovo at the moment they had three investments for plants for growing and processing marijuana.

“They are still waiting for some documentation. These are serious investments and I expect those factories to produce marijuana exclusively for medical purposes. And for it to be export-oriented and to come to the municipality and the country fresh foreign currency on the basis of such an investment, but not to be sold at every turn. And the fact is that it exists and we cannot keep silent about that,” Dimitrievski said.

He stressed that the Ministry of Interior is responsible for combating illicit drug trafficking and drug trafficking, but noted the data on the involvement of senior police officers in illicit trafficking.

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