Server arrives, charging of terminals starts, 950 terminals to be delivered


President of the State Election Commission (SEC) Aleksandar Dashtevski informed that the server with 10 stations for filling the terminals for loading fingerprints with data from the voters has arrived, which will be connected to the main server of the SEC and will be tested.

“The server arrived a week early because it is very important to see if this operation will charge, how it will charge and the time, the charging speed, so that all the equipment arrives slowly and in two or three days we will already have a new shipment larger than 950 terminals , and in a week the others will arrive, so we start working,” said Dashtevski.

If the server shows that it is working well, the SEC will prepare for the education of the chairpersons of the election boards and the vice-chairmen of the election boards and the whole operation will be put into operation, which means that the process is going well.

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