Danilovski: Macedonian healthcare looks chaotic


University professor Dr. Dragan Danilovski says that Macedonian healthcare looks chaotic.

In a statement for TV 24 Thursday morning, he reminded that Macedonia is at the top in the world in terms of COVID-19 mortality.

“Analyzes should be made what are the factors for the high mortality in our country, too high mortality of those who are hospitalized, in our country about 40%, in the United States it is below 10%. Why is the mortality rate so high compared to the infected. Characteristic of good health management is accountability and responsibility. The director of a hospital cannot but be accountable to the main person in the health sector. In our country, this looks chaotic, no one responds to anyone and knows that he will not respond and does what he wants. It is a fact that the general condition of our population is under any criticism,” said Danilovski.

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