Zaev says he is not considering resigning from office  


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he was not considering resigning from office. Zijadin Sela’s statement that Zaev should resign for moral reasons was “sheer politicking” and based on Sela’s “desire for power,” Zaev said, adding, “Who should be prime minister? Mickoski?”

“I’m not thinking of resigning, and the Aliance leader will be prime minister or deputy prime minister when he deserves it – when he is ready to give ideas, offer solutions, not to use awfulness in the mst perfidious way, during the three-day national mourning, at that,” Zaev said.

He said Sela was motivated only by his desire for his party to win at the polls, but “as long as they act this way, they will lose.”

“The alternative is this: community, investments, higher wages, contribution to the GDP,” Zaev said.

Regarding the recently offered resignations of top government officials and hospital directors, he reiterated his statements given to the press in the past few days.

He said the tragedy has affected the entire country. “We will remember it as long as we live. We lost lives. Let’s wait for the forensic reports,” he added.

The prime minister once again said everyone showed a sense of responsibility, arriving to the scene of the fire to offer whatever help they could.

Trying to profit from the national heartache, Zaev said, was sheer politicking.

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