A Macedonian engineer was also extracted from Armenia, along with the former President’s brother


The arrested Macedonian diplomat Mile Milenkovski is waiting in the prison in Vranje to be extradited to Armenia because he and two other colleagues managed to pull BranislavDimitrijevic, a Macedonian engineer accused of embezzlement, out of Armenia by a private plane.

Dimitrijevic is unknown in Macedonia but is known in Armenia because he is under indictment with the brother of a former president, analyzes the show “Kod”.

On October 1, 2019, the three diplomats headed to Armenia on a private plane piloted by pilots from Ukraine and Bulgaria, accompanied by a fourth Macedonian, ZoranSpirov, who had an ordinary Macedonian passport. They were led by Mile Milenkovski.

After the task was completed, Spirov’s passport was taken by Dimitrijevic, a civil engineer known for his luxurious life, aviation enthusiast and boat owner in Croatia. He was elected to oversee the North-South corridor in Armenia. But he was suspected of embezzlement in Armenia along with the president’s brother and vowed not to flee the country.

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