Zaev: The census system is under serious hacker attacks


I personally believe that the census will be successful. However, there’s still some ten days left. We’ve entered the third stage, there’s still 15 days to wrap up counting. I want to thank citizens for participating and have faith that they’ll continue to do so until the end, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Monday.

He praised census takers, the State Statistical Office, Makedonski Telekom, as well as IT and other experts involved in the process.

“The system is, as you know, under serious hacker attacks. Over 5,000 census workers are involved in the counting and the investigation can’t produce definite results. The most important thing is that the census resumes,” Zaev told reporters.

He reiterated that on average, 100,000 nationals are counted on a daily basis, with over 1,000,000 citizens counted since the start of the census.

“On average, 100,000 people are counted daily. 1,037,000 citizens have been counted so far, so I can say that the census has been a success,” the PM underlined.


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