Mickoski tells Zaev: You have provided a hybrid regime – the unhappiest country in the world, the most corrupt country in Europe, that is your merit



VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in last night’s TV DUEL on Kanal 5, replying to Zoran Zaev who said that they secured a future in Macedonia, told him that all reports show that Zaev and the SDSM government provided the citizens with only shame and humiliation, reading the Economist Report where Macedonia is assessed as a hybrid regime, but also according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, which states that Macedonia is in the worst historical place in terms of corruption, the report by the State Department which states that corruption is a constant problem in Macedonia, as well as that Macedonians are the unhappiest people in Europe.

“Do you know what you provided, Mr. Zaev? Now I will tell you, here because you say that you have secured the future, I will tell you what you have secured, he says like this Macedonia is a hybrid regime index of the Economist, Macedonia is a hybrid regime because it is on the 78th place there with Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Moldova, Nigeria, Uganda, Lebanon and others, then, Macedonia is a country with the most unhappy citizens, and says Macedonians are the most unhappy people in Europe. Further, State Department, corruption is a constant problem in Macedonia, State Department report says delayed justice and slight improvement in media freedoms, Macedonia is historically ranked worst according to the corruption index at 111th place. Can I read to you more of the things you provided? You provided shame and humiliation,” Mickoski told Zaev.

“And what will we provide? We have planned as a coalition that fights against corruption, which today is unfortunately a cancer wound for the whole country will bring Macedonia to a place where we will provide a decent life, and restore the trust of the citizens in the institutions and the faith to stay here,” said Mickoski.

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