The fact that they caught drugs in a MoI vehicle means that the drugs are not from 5 years ago, accuses the opposition


Is there a scandal that did not happen to the state under the leadership of the Spasovski – Zaev criminal duo. We also became a mockery of the region. Oliver Spasovski is obliged and responsible as Minister of Interior to explain to the public why he is institutionalizing crime? How the Ministry of Interior led by Oliver Spasovski managed to become a den of crime. The seized drugs in a vehicle of the Ministry of Interior in Montenegro, followed by a funny and pathetic explanation for forgotten drugs from 5 years ago, once again show that Spasovski’s Ministry of Interior, instead of prosecuting and hunting drug criminals, protects them, says the opposition.

“From 2016 until today he is more than 5 years old, and Oliver Spasovski is an uninterrupted Minister in the Ministry of Interior and he had enough time to get acquainted with every part of the ministry, and not to have drugs left in his car. Who is Spasovski lying to? If the vehicle belonged to the Ministry of Interior, and the drugs are from 2016, and not from now, how did the Montenegrin authorities know that there was drugs in that vehicle? We know that the police forces across the countries work with reports and information possessed by the partner services, the fact that they caught drugs in a vehicle of the Ministry of Interior shows that the drugs are not from 5 years ago, but from now,” accuses the opposition.

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