Zaev pledges to run positive campaign, focusing on what has been done so far


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday – day one of the campaign for the local elections, pledged to run a positive election campaign as a party and coalition, focusing on both what has been done so far as well as future plans to support local self-governments and greater local economic development.

“These elections are held to elect individuals, programs, projects, ideas, and in such circumstances it’s the duty of all of us to run a positive campaign. This year, our country celebrates its 30th independence anniversary, how much we have indeed matured as a society and how responsible all of us are we can prove with each year and with every next election. By this, I mean us politicians above all, but of course all candidates in the local elections as well,” Zaev said.

SDSM and the coalition, he added, will run an exceptionally positive campaign.


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