Speaker Xhaferi sees no obstacle to convening an emergency session to prolong the census, but a proposal from the Government or a group of MPs is necessary


There are no obstacles to convening an emergency session to consider the possibility of extending the census, but a proposal should be submitted by the Government or a group of MPs and there should be a political consensus among all political parties in Parliament, Parliament Speaker TalatXhaferi said on Tuesday.

“An unwritten rule is that the Parliament should not work in the election campaign, but that does not mean that if there is an urgent need, it should not convene. Regarding the statement of the director of the State Statistical Office that it is possible to request an extension of the census due to hacker attacks, this is an issue that should be proposed by the Government or a group of MPs to amend the law. There should be a concrete proposal, and due to the fact that political entities of various prominences participate in the Parliament, it should be harmonized between them,” Xhaferi said.

According to the procedures, such an urgent session can be convened by the President of the Assembly, but usually such sessions are convened at the request of 20 MPs.

If an extension is requested, according to Xhaferi, it should be done in the next two days, given that the census should legally end on September 30th.

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