Almost 1,400,000 mobile internet subscriptions in Macedonia


A total of 1,867,694 active mobile telephone subscribers were recorded in the second quarter of 2021 with 1,523,126,310 minutes of conversation reported. There are 725,868 pre-paid subscriptions and the number of postpaid subscriptions is 892,456, including 249,370 business postpaid subscribers.

Also, there are 1,398,860 subscriptions for mobile broadband in the second quarter, according to the Agency for Electronic Communications.

According to the number of mobile phone subscribers, A1 Macedonia holds the largest market share, 49.78%, followed by Makedonski Telekom (47.25%), Laika Mobile (1.76%), Robi (1.19%), Green Mobile (0.02%).

According to total revenue, A1 Macedonia also has the largest share (49.31%), while Makedonski Telekom’s revenues share is 49.25%, followed by Robi (0.96%), Laika Mobile (0.45%), and Green Mobile (0.03%).

Also, A1 Macedonia reported the largest share in the total number of active subscriptions of mobile internet (2G/3G/4G) in the second quarter at 52.19%. Makedonski Telekom has 45.27% and Robi 1.60%.

The Agency’s report shows that the number of landlines in the second quarter is 420,908.

Makedonski Telekom with 52.91% still reports the largest market share according to the number of landlines, followed by A1 Macedonia (39.73%).


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