At least one Macedonian national lives in every country in Africa


Two Macedonians live in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, three in South Sudan, six in Tanzania, two in Niger, 16 in Palestine and 14 in North Korea. These are part of the census data published by the State Statistical Office (SSO), which show that more than 204,805 people live in the diaspora.

According to the statistics, Macedonians live in the Maldives, in the Dominican Republic, and there are those who have decided to replace warm Macedonia with Antarctica. It is interesting that in almost every country in Africa lives at least one Macedonian, which means that more than 200 locals live on the Black Continent. We are mostly in Mali – 43, in Egypt – 23, in Ghana – 16, in Sudan – 15, in Tanzania – 6, in Niger – 2, etc.

These citizens, who did not live on the territory of Macedonia during the census, could register electronically, from the place where they emigrated.

As expected, we have the most emigrants in Switzerland, 65,064, followed by Germany with 46,590, then Italy with 28,476, and there are many emigrants in Austria, where 11,758 are registered. There are several thousand emigrants in European countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, etc.

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