Arsovska: We need systemic solutions to protect Vodno by law


Protection of Vodno by law and final solution of the problem with the appearance of new buildings in the park forest is one of the solutions in the program of the independent candidate for mayor of SkopjeDanelaArsovska.

The mayoral candidatestressed at a press conference that Vodno became a place where instead of trees, buildings began to grow.

“We witnessed the citizens defending Vodno with a human shield because of the cutting of trees, they tried to defend the park forest, but no one from the local administration helped them, on the contrary they stood on the other side. This must not be our reality. The mayor must listen to the requests of the residents and find solutions in their interest. That is why in my program we have Vodno, a green shield, what the residents are looking for. It is time for systemic solutions”, said Arsovska.

The project envisages declaring Vodno a nature park without providing the opportunity for additional construction and full protection of the park forest which will have regular afforestation as part of the project of afforestation of 100,000 quality seedlings of indigenous tree species per year.

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