I want a trial in Macedonia, demands Macedonian diplomat arrested in Serbia


Macedonian diplomat Mile Milenkoski, who was involved in the Macedonian-Armenian diplomatic affair and was arrested in Serbia in late August, sent a letter through his family to daily news outlet SlobodenPechat, requesting that he be extradited to Macedonia and tried in the country.

“I was provided with evidence by the Court from Armenia. There is nothing in them that would indicate my guilt, nor can there be. A copy of the evidence was submitted to the competent institutions in the RNM. I believe that the RNM is a state governed by the rule of law and, therefore, I believe that the authorities will initiate a quick procedure, given the fact that the evidence in the case includes 7 persons, 6 of whom are citizens of the RNM. In doing so, the RNM would ask the Republic of Serbia to transfer me to RSM. In this way, justice would be served and the case completely resolved, which is my greatest wish at the moment,” Milenkoski wrote.

According to the information, the request for extradition of Milenkoski to Armenia should be decided by the Court of Appeals in Nis next week, after an authorized lawyer from Vranje appealed the decision of the High Court in Vranje on September 22, citing “incorrect and incomplete determination of the factual situation” in the verdict, as well as due to significant violations of the criminal procedure and the wrong application of the substantive law.



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