VMRO-DPMNE: Zaev and Ahmeti agreed that the cable should take the blame for 14 killed people, instead of resigning


Zaev and Ahmeti agreed that the cable should be blamed for the 14 killed people, instead of resigning, reads the party statement of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“Zaev is rescuing the SDSM-DUI coalition, for him the government is more important than 14 lost human lives. Zaev came out yesterday and rejected the resignations of Filipche and Hasani, because together they are the two leaders of crime in healthcare. Zaev does not give Filipche and Hasani because they know a lot, they know about the commissions from the Chinese vaccines, and they know about all the murky tenders. And that is why Zaev tells stories about small children, that is why he has no responsibility, but the cable is to blame for the death of 14 people. If it were not for the cable, it would have been the socket or the fuses, but Filipche must not be responsible for Zaev, because they are involved in crime. If Zaev thought of Macedonia, he would have immediately accepted the resignations of Filipce and Hasani, and immediately afterwards he would have resigned himself, but Zaev’s government is more important than the responsibility for 14 lost human lives,” the opposition party said.


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