PHOTO | Mickoski: SDSM lacks a programme because it means having a plan and a vision


If the 500 euros salary that Zaev promises falsely in 5 years comes, it will be when the oil has already become 200 denars per liter, the flour has tripled in price, the bread has gone over 30 denars, a liter of gasoline has come to 100 denars. What is the use of his fake 500 euros when the cost of living is much higher than what a family takes, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s rally in front of the citizens in the municipality of Gazi Baba.

Mickoski pointed out that SDSM does not have a programme, because it means having a plan and a vision, because their only vision is tenders and criminal businesses.

“And they come before you without a programme, and they say that they are the best and now this time you should trust those who lied to you ten times, 50 times a hundred times before. They do not have a program because it involves a plan and a vision. They have no vision because their vision is tenders and criminal businesses. Their program is lies and press conferences in which no one believes them. Zaev has no programme because what was written will remain written there. There is no programme because it is difficult for them to do that and they will become measurable and it will be possible to compare that they have not done anything,” stressed opposition leader Mickoski.


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