Filipche says mandatory vaccination is not excluded for preventing a possible “another strong COVID-19 wave”


Health Minister Venko Filipche said Wednesday another strong COVID-19 wave is not expected in the coming period but the situation is continually monitored. Mandatory vaccination is not on the cards for the time being but not excluded, depending on the scope of inoculation and case numbers.

“We do not expect a strong wave and added pressure on hospitals, but we are prepared to admit patients in all cities,” Minister Filipche told reporters.

It is difficult, he added, to talk about expectations but the most recent wave was strong, with a large number of patients who required hospital treatment, but only in cities with low vaccination scope.

“The vaccination scope is on the rise across the country. I believe that another strong wave will not happen but we should be cautious and monitor the situation. Apparently the vaccination is doing what it is supposed to do. Hospitals were not under major pressure in these cities and even if vaccinated people are infected, they will experience mild symptoms. This is already seen in other countries where the vaccination scope is rather high,” noted Filipche.

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