1.554.372 vaccine doses applied, 45% of adults fully vaccinated


A total of 9,307 vaccines have been applied yesterday and the day before, including 1,830 that were first doses and 7,281 second doses. 196 people have received a third dose of the vaccines, the Ministry of Health says Thursday.

It adds that a total of 797,214 people have been vaccinated up until October 13. 756,176 have been double-vaccinated, whereas 982 people got a third dose. 53% of citizens over the age of 40 have been double-vaccinated, and 33% of the population aged 18-39 have received one dose.

The vaccine rate of one dose is 47% for adults, and 45% of adult citizens have been double-vaccinated. According to the number of applied vaccines, 38% of the entire population in our country has been vaccinated, and 35% of the whole population has received two doses.

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