Between 79% and 81% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated


The analysis of the Ministry of Health found that between 79 percent and 81 percent of the hospitalized patients with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, informed Health Minister Venko Filipche via Facebook.

He points out that Civica Mobilitas’ research confirms that in the last three and a half months there have been 14,500 fewer infected, 4,595 fewer weekly hospitalizations, vaccination has reduced hospitalization between 37.9 percent and 46.5 percent, and hospitalization costs in the last five weeks of delta the wave is lower by 2.8 million euros.

“Vaccination against covid-19 is important and will help stop the pandemic. Vaccines work together with your immune system, so you will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed to it. COVID-19 can cause serious, life-threatening complications and there is no way to know how the virus will affect you. With the vaccine you protect yourself, your friends, your family and you protect others around you,” said Filipce.

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