Osmani: DUI challenges the stereotypes with the idea of an Albanian President


Regarding the proposal of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti that an Albanian should be elected president, the party spokesperson Bujar Osmani says that the issue is not related to deadlines but is an idea that challenges stereotypes.

“At the last meetings with the citizens, Ahmeti explained the two chapters of DUI’s political activity. Ending with the Prime Minister, who is agreed under the agreement of August 18, and will be in the last 100 days of this government. We promote the concept of equality and breaking stereotypes and hence the concept of a president of the state is consensual and remains the best solution for this country. It is not nationality that matters, but equality, our concept is to achieve equality and equality. The question of when an Albanian can be expected to be president is not a matter of deadlines and dynamics, DUI challenges stereotypes,” said Osmani.

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